I think with dentists the thought of it is always worse than the experience. Any story someone has of a bad time with the dentist always makes you recoil but as someone who has to have some teeth out without anaesthetic at the dentist when I was younger, it wasnt as bad as you would think

Would point out the teeth were ‘baby’ teeth so that probably softens the whole story

Very self conscious about my teeth after some botched orthodontistry as a kid. Have literally been trying to register somewhere this morning though so this is a weirdly timely thread.

I wouldn’t say always.

I’ve had a couple of very uncomfortable experiences where my skull feels like it’s about to shatter from relentless drilling and I can hardly breathe.

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I used to go to the hygienist for a clean every 6 months, the feeling is amazing

Yeah I think I may have been a bit hasty there…

I hate it, some of that plaque is structural

Thursday was yesterday

Always worried about them. I’m missing half the ones at the back left (fuck wisdom teeth anyway) and have a bunch of very fragile but alright looking fake teeth comprising half of my main front four, because I’m bad at scrapping. They bleed a lot.

Novacaine though is a lovely thing.

I get nervous, one time I was so flustered in a routine hygienist appointment that I kicked over the water tank for the spitty sink as I tried to rush out of the chair and water went everywhere. I offered to help clean it but the dental nurse just wearily told me to go, I don’t blame her :sob:

I have had a traumatic extraction twice but I think the thing that keeps me going is the fear of having rotten teeth, and just imagining the bacteria swimming around in said rotten teeth :nauseated_face: I would rather the bacteria adhere to a smooth easily cleaned surface as they do on healthy teeth. Also you can tell the dentist you are nervous and they will adjust to meet that need, mine explains what’s happening and lets me stop the treatment to collect myself which is helpful, they are used to nervous patients

I cannot afford dental care, so I have to wait until something goes wrong and then sit in the emergency clinic at the hospital. In all honesty, I don’t mind this, I’m happy to effectively pay with my time (no appointments, takes fucking hours, but still costs less in working time lost than actually paying for dental care). Yay, poverty

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outside of being scared/nervous, I can’t really get people not going to the dentist for 5-10 years or whatever (out of choice, money reasons make total sense of course). How are you not concerned?? Also just unduly jealous of people who can wait that long and come out with perfect teeth/one minor filling

I’ve got:

  • A bunch of fillings
  • A new chip on a top molar from a sneaky pie weight (just cosmetic it seems but ffs)
  • A back molar that’s had two root canals. One was a total fuck-up, left me with semi-regular pain, new dentist has commented on how poor it was multiple times. This now needs a crown, so the whole tooth will have cost me over £300 by the end of this year. Kinda wish I’d just got it pulled out for £20 when this all started, but no one wants to be 23 with a missing tooth do they

Really not fussed by the dentist despite that all, never had any real pain, injections aren’t great but the frozen mouth things afterwards is pretty novel tbh. Gonna do better with taking care of them though, fuck any more significant work after this

Because in the eight years that I didn’t go to the dentist I didn’t have a single instance of tooth pain or even discomfort. It’s easy to put out of your mind.

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I get the impression you might not actually be a pirate with this attitude


Had braces as a teen that a mix of a) being removed too early and b) me not wearing the plastic retainer enough kinda caused some movement creating a gap up top that I don’t really like.

2007 was the last time I remember going as I had to pause Bioshock 2… Never had a filling, chip, cap, wisdom removal or general toothache so fingers crossed. Should really go tbh.

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i don’t understand how people manage to go to the dentist so often

I’ve never had a job that would let me take time off to go, afaik they don’t work weekends and no way am I wasting a holiday day on it, i’m pretty fortunate that my teeth are basically indestructible.

maybe I will try and go in christmas week though, as a treat.

For me I went school > uni > zero-hours contract > flexi-time job

so personally never struggled to find time

It’s mostly the money tbh. I’ve worked in professional jobs since uni and have still found it to be prohibitively expensive (none of the NHS places near me have any room either).

Perfect teeth are deeply creepy though. Remember seeing some people in America with these massive Mr. Ed style walls of enamel in their mouths.


Kind of interested here in what kind of job is office hours but won’t let you go to the dentist. I’ve had jobs that would have got funny about it, but they were shift work and that kind of thing where the expectation was that you’d do it on your day off or before/after your shift