If I came into a decent amount of money, one of the first things I’d do would be to get them all ripped out and a load of implants bunged in.

It’s fucking terrible how having unnaturally perfect teeth is seen as some sort of standard now which is unachievable for most people.

Only when you watch old TV or look at old pictures from 10-20 years ago that you realise your teeth are probably fine appearance wise, but it’s hard to get over that insecurity when every second person on TV or social media or whatever has fakes.

Perfect teeth are deeply creepy though. Remember seeing some people in America with these massive Mr. Ed style walls of enamel in their mouths.


Kind of interested here in what kind of job is office hours but won’t let you go to the dentist. I’ve had jobs that would have got funny about it, but they were shift work and that kind of thing where the expectation was that you’d do it on your day off or before/after your shift

My old job insisted that you schedule all appointments outside of working hours (medical and dental!) so I used to have to do shit like 7.30am GP appointments.

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i went in February for the first time in a few years. my mum took us once a year as kids but as an adult i tend to put it off and avoid it, so i had to go to the effort of finding an actual NHS dentist where i live now to sign up to (turned out to be the closest dentist to my house though, so good result)

was convinced i had a bad wisdom tooth problem that i’d been putting off for far far far too long and decided to finally get it looked at, was prepared for the worst but turned out to be not too bad and didn’t require any immediate action, will just need to be kept an eye on for possible future extraction. another decent result. got a few fillings in my late teens/early 20s and had become convinced that i’d need another one as usual but nope.

was quite pleased with that visit overall, and very glad i got round to it just before a big pandemic kicked off. he recommended i come back in 6 months which i haven’t done but i’ll try and have an annual checkup like i did growing up, i think. probably. maybe.

I still don’t have any wisdom teeth. Proper dreading it.

Mine came through without me realising at some point, apparently. Reckon everyone else is being a big baby.

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My top 2 came in years ago. Top left came in no problem, top right came in underneath the existing back tooth and killed it and hurt like fuck so had to get the old tooth removed but been fine ever since. It’s just become my new back tooth.

Bottom left has kinda done the same as top right although apparently it’s kinda come in sideways and stuck there. Thought it was gonna be a whole big thing but apparently it’s fine as it is for now. Still no sign of bottom right at all, who knows what that lad is up to.

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Stopped going at uni, then went for a bit.

Went last year for first time in 5 years (cos thought I had wisdom teeth coming though but was just an ulcer in an awkward position), cost over £100 for all the various fillings and shit.

One tooth has been feeling a but weird recently.

What’s the latest anybody’s had their wisdoms through? I’m 28 and no sign of them, hope I’ve escaped it.

Fun story; when I was a teenager there was a tooth that had not come through so the dentist was like ‘oh we’ll have to x-ray your head’ and I was like oh no I don’t like the sound of that why do you need to x-ray my head and he says ‘well we need to see if that tooth is in some other part of your head, you see when you’re born you have all of your teeth and sometimes they end up in the wrong part of you, so if the tooth isn’t in your mouth it could be somewhere problematic. For example there was somebody in dental news a while back who unknowingly had a tooth that was in the top of their skull, and as the skull grew it dislodged the tooth so one day it just dropped into their brain and fakkin killed them. So yeah I’m going to book you in for an x-ray next week’ and I was like no motherfucker x-ray me now I don’t want to die! Luckily the tooth was in my mouth and I’m not dead, close call tho.

I wish someone would x-ray my head.

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It’s pretty wild. You go into this room of the dentist’s you’ve never seen before and have to bite this thing in the centre of what looks like a bear trap and the dentis tells you it’s completely safe before getting his ass outta there. Then it’s a bit anticlimactic, just a few mechanical sounds and nothing glows green. There’s a chance it’s all just a confidence trick because you have no way of knowing thats a picture of your skull you just have to go along with it.

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Oh wait, I’ve had that before. Didn’t realise it did your whole head though. I was quite young and I remember them telling me to bite down more on the plastic thong and it cutting into my gum cos it was too big. Dreadful.

I had this with one of my upper canine teeth. It was laying horizontally above the other teeth, in my lower cheek.

I had it removed via a general anaesthetic op when I was 12. I still have the original milk tooth in my mouth.

I’m 37 and no sign yet. I have had a dental x ray when i was a teen and they didn’t mention them so I’m assuming I’ve got the normal configuration. My mum didn’t get hers until she was in her 40s.

I didn’t go to the dentist for about 25 years. When I finally did, the scraping off of all the crap was painful and bloody, but that was about it. Unsurprisingly dentist said my teeth were fine but my gums were fucked (I spent those 25 years smoking). Started going again every six months about three years ago, but then they got a new dentist in and they moved the practice just before lockdown (they moved it to your neck of the woods @hip_young_gunslinger) , which was fine with me because she was a patronising wanker. Will reregister with another one once we’re over the whole killing each other with our spit thing.

34 in a month and nothing yet.

yeah i signed up to a new practice this year and they gave me a form to fill in which included questions about whether you get nervous at the dentist and stuff, presumably so they can provide adjustments.

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First crown appointment on the 3rd, main procedure a week after i think

All sorted for Christmas hopefully

Didn’t go for maybe… 10 years? Vicious cycle - stopped going out of laziness, then embarrassment which got worse the longer I left it. Cracked a tooth so eventually my hand was forced and I went. Then went every six months, up until a couple of years ago. I am a big fan of the hygienist.

I gather the whole six monthly visit thing is a racket though - work with a lot of GPs who moan about the fact that millions of people are fine with with shelling out for a visit every six months when its usually for no reason.