Good afternoon fair smelling folk of DiS. I’m not sure whether it is age or a change of ‘recipe’ but my current deodorant has suddenly lost effectiveness and I’m struggling with finding a good alternative. Any of you folks reek like a turd covered in burnt hair or do you all smell of roses, and if you’re the former, plug me a product!

PS I’ve not put one of those hashtag safe things on so take the mickey as you like :grinning:

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Haha! You use deodorant! Fucking twat!


Remember that bit where people were going on about “put anti-persperant on at night and then wash it off in the shower” or whatever? Weird that

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Whatever is on offer for a quid


I stick a magic bean up my bum the night before. Does the trick.

@xylo wasn’t it?

No, I don’t.

This could have been my problem.

cant get my head around the roll on deodorants. surely its massively unhygienic, and you’re just rubbing sweat back onto your armpits all the time?

stupid, stupid invention for wankers.

Does the trick for what?

Can take them on planes tho

For what ails you.

That could also be my problem. Aren’t a(e)r(o)soles bad for the environment though?

Ask Xylo about it, he was the one who kept banging on about it

You… you use it when you’ve just had a wash.

nah, all the liquid goes into my armpits, not into space.

Tried a new one called Bionsen as I was finding all the ones with aluminum added were knackering all my shirts. It’s ok. Probably going to go back to normal ones.

Ah, this is true.

“put anti-persperant on at night and then wash it off in the touch move your fucking shits or whatever?"

– Xylo circa 2015


This is some “why doesn’t a bar of soap get dirty” logic.