Sounds Scandinavian. Must be good.

How close are you holding the can there chief?

No, the aerosols.

still unhygienic and what happens if you need to freshen up and there’s no shower or bath available huh

I reckon that the deodorant delivery method is due an upgrade, ronn-on is shit, that weird bar stuff is weird, spray is boring. Maybe it could come in a tube?

all goes onto the body, there’s no problem here

“ronn-on” - is this some weird Harry Potter fetish thing?

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I would like a pill that once digested, blocks your pores with some flowery smelling shit that slowly seeps out in a pus like form.

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maybe 10 cm. very little gas gets expelled into the atmosphere, I promise.

If anyone knows of a reasonably-priced, neutral-smelling deordorant that isn’t an antiperspirant, please let me know.

Yeah sure

what about an oil? like just cover yourself in oil every morning.

Lynx Africa


thank you

Yeah, I could fuck with that mate.

How about you get it in poster form, pop it up on a wall and then smear yourself up against it?

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Deoderant gel maybe?

I get this every now and then, when I remember. It works quite well, and I like the smell:

Is there a Lynx Toto?

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Nah, looks boring

Why would you want to smell like a dog