Depeche Mode

In honour of WardrobeGruber’s Cure thread -

  1. Favourite Depeche Mode song.
  2. Favourite Depeche Mode album.



Everything Counts
Music For The Masses

Higher Love
Songs of Faith and Devotion

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Enjoy the Silence

Never got into them.

Am I missing out?




Interesting how the band progressed starting out as a fluffy synth pop band then gradually getting darker as the years passed. Another band that lost me in the 1990s, never took to their stadium synth phase.

Playing the Angel

Impossible to pick one song but a toss up between Strangelove (Single mix) and Higher Love.
Pretty thrilled to see someone else has picked the latter! Hats off eric, it never seems to get the credit it deserves.

Album would be Music For The Masses, predictably enough.

Strangelove, has to the Pain Mix though

Then predictable Violater

Single I can never choose. Probably Everything Counts but most recently I can’t stop playing Nothing.

Songs of Faith and Devotion ftw

Ice Machine

  1. Personal Jesus
  2. Playing the Angel

Funny how these are much easier to answer for bands you quite like but aren’t obsessed about

  1. Shake the Disease
  2. Songs of faith and devotion



1- Everything counts sounds like a classic. But Shake the Disease embodies everything there is to love aboud DM, methinks.
2- Violator is so far above everything else they have done it’s not even funny.

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Home. First time I heard this was when I saw them play it live on the Playing the Angel tour I think. Martin just blew me away.
Violator, obv.


So Many Tunes.

Everything Counts


Enjoy The Silence.
Enjoy The Silence 7" Single

Killer song