Depressing foods

So good when a chippy with Chinese additions actually does good Chinese food. So rare but so, so good


Red Leicester. Like eating orange wax


pies don’t even make sense in the age of preservatives and fridges

they’re about nostalgia for the british empire

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My bougie landlady buys posh frozen pizzas and then cooks them on her pizza stone. No offence if you all do this but I find it depressing and also confusing.

eating a pie is a political act


why is it confusing - nice hot pizza stone = a better cooked pizza base.

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a spring roll would be acceptable in this instance

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might get this tattooed


go back and forth a lot on my quest to find the best frozen pizza, I don’t have a fancy stone and my oven is a bit shit anyway.

At the moment I’m finding those chicago town deep dish mini pizzas the best

and @grievoustim - I mean we’re into the realms of Laelfy’s what constitutes chippy food thread now. I’ve nothing against Spring rolls in principle, just they don’t belong in a chippy as far as I’m concerned. If I want them then I’ll get them from the Chinese next door to the chip shop :slight_smile:

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Pret on a Saturday

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It’s like Preee eh eeeet on a Saturday
Its a free ride, when you’ve already paid

Sorry people have dismissed pies so this is a thread run by idiots with idiots posting in it so must be disregarded


all teabags that aren’t Yorkshire tea

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when all you have in the fridge is that 2/3 of a block of red L, and you forgot to seal the packet so it’s dried out and cracked. that makes me question my life more than almost anything else.

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Just seems silly buying bad pizza and trying to make it good in a way that’ll never work. Seems a bit of a silly desperate middle class affectation too. Just make you own from scratch and eat better stuff.

Why in god’s name did I not mute the thread when I said I would? Now I’ve had to read that eating pies is all about nostalgia for the British Empire. That’s a sentence that I have read and is now in my brain. I can’t unread it.

This thread is so full of wrong it’s causing me physical pain. If this were a just world I’d be able to sue everyone in here.


how the hell do you learn how to make a pizza? Seems like a terrifying task to undertake