Derry Girls

Good, innit?


was this on yesterday? saw the first one, was pretty funny

First episode was great, 2nd not as great but had its moments. Still get irked when people in their 20s are cast as kids, though.

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Damn child labour laws!


I can’t get into it. The trailer’s great and i like one or two of the minor characters (the tall brunette girl’s great) but the two leads are…bit too visual with their delivery for me, can’t explain it, but the comedy seems to be as much in their expressions as the dialogue, idk.

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It’s pretty good. Seems fairly authentic for the time…although the specified time really isn’t clear from the music they use…anywhere between 1985 (The Cure) to 1995 (Supergrass) apparently. In that sense, Moone Boy did nostalgia much better.

The sister / headmistress is a bit of a hoot though.

It’s fucking dreadful

Moone Boy was fucking brilliant.

True story.

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having grown up near Derry the idea of this made me cringe but apparently it’s quite good. Tommy Tiernan and Kevin McAleer seem to be in it too, (as is my friend’s brother, I’m told). Gonna give it a go this week.

bit irked though that some of the annoying Derry girls i went to uni with will be absolutely loving the existence of a show about them.


Just had a binge watch of all of the episodes so far and was quite surprised at how much I loved it. Very good.


Finally watched the first episode much later than I should have, enjoyed it quite a lot.


episode 3 borrowed from Only Fools & Horses a bit but otherwise enjoyed it, particularly episode 1 and episode 5 (the 12th July one).

personally find lots of it very relatable, and glad it was carried out well and not cringeworthy like i expected. it’s quite genuine. surprised (pleasantly) that it’s gone down so well around the UK as i’d have thought it probably a bit niche. maybe it’s been well timed in that politics over the last year or two has made lots of British people a bit more clued up on NI than some of them previously were? or maybe there’s just enough universality in there in among the bomb threats and Orange marches.

probably a smart move throwing in an English character too to be a bit of a conduit for the UK audience into this world. was just reading the Guardian article praising the show but noticed they mentioned that James’ “low-level bullying by the other characters is the only real misstep of the series.” Personally it was usually what made me laugh the most…


Guardian. :roll_eyes:

I could see the English lad becoming more integrated into the gang in a second series. What would have been the point if he’d been mollycoddled and/or taken under their wing unconditionally with open arms? All that would have been left would have been variations on the LOL no boys toilet gag they used early doors.

Enjoyed the contrary nun headmistress.

Not fussed about any age discrepancies. So be it if they’re older. Thought the main girl’s drama queen hamming worked just fine. Just a bit of fun caricaturing in a comedy romp innit. It’s not the bloody Magdalene Sisters.

Could always see it coming a mile off but the granddad ragging on the dad was deliciously OTT. The hand on the shoulder at the end was a nice touch.


the English-bashing is pretty realistic from my school experiences as well, going secondary to school 20 minutes down the road in the folloing decade, the few English pupils were still greeted with a great deal of pisstaking and derision until they managed to integrate successfully into friend groups (albeit maybe not quite as harsh as in the show, usually). a guy in my year had the nickname Mickey Brit, even long after he’d become well-liked and started to lose the accent. i’d be highly surprised if he’s not still referred to as that by longstanding school friends now.

Oh dear S2 made the Cardinal sin of using Teenage Kicks :roll_eyes:

Don’t usually laugh out loud at shows but this one makes me laugh constantly. Sister Michael is the MVP but also a big fan of how OTT Erin and Michelle are (and Erin’s whole family).

Hard to pick a favourite bit from yesterday’s episode. Gerry Adams’ sexy voice (that’s a conspiracy theory I can get on board with) the hairdresser references with Peter, “there aren’t enough Protestants to go around!” and all the differences between Catholics and Protestants had me in bits.

The full board of differences:


Protestants keep toasters in cupboards


Been thinking about it and, as a renowned lover of Northern Irish accents, the Gerry Adams voice thing is my new favourite conspiracy.


The big bowl :smiley: