Derry Girls

It still might not add up right but I think they have said that there is a one year time jump for the special finale episode.

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You would think Joe ripping into Gerry would get old but it’s probably my favourite bits of any episode

Also, love how hammy and over the top the gang are and Sarah is wonderful.


the timeline has always confused me a bit

the bombing at the end of S1 is usually assumed to be Omagh but that didn’t happen until 1998. to be fair that’s probably why they don’t specify it in the show and keep the details vague

Yeah I was going to mention that but I looked it up and McGee has said the bombing wasn’t specifically meant to be Omagh (although I think some of the news footage they used was from there?), so it tracks.

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That one wasnt that good

Another daft episode.

Thought they did the 70s/90s thing really well. And that it was very funny in parts.

The payoff at the end was a bit of a nothingness though.

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Yeah liked that, the actor playing 70s Sarah was spot on.


Good episode imo. Aunt Sarah is just fantastic.

“Och, sleeping dogs should be let do whatever they want, Geraldine”


Oh I know that record shop

(it’s not in Derry)

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Oh I know the outside of this record shop

(it is in Derry)


The outside was the craft village, wasn’t it? Thought the inside was Cool Discs to start with but it wasn’t. Should have been, though.

inside was Timeslip Records in Belfast, Botanic Avenue. Outside was Yellow Yard, up on the walls (which has Abbazappa Records inside among other stuff)

yeah Cool Discs would have been more authentic and was probably actually there in the 90s, though it’s cramped as fuck inside these days so probably not ideal for filming

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Clare has moved to my hometown :smiley:

Haven’t seen the finale yet but I have to say Tommy Tiernan and Nicola Coughlan were brilliant in last night’s episode


Been surprised by some of Tommy T’s more serious acting chops. He’s popped up in Conversations With Friends now too

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Thought the finale was quite good.

Was the first time Nicola Coughlan’s semi absence was noticeable other than the train episode but they worked round it well enough.

Quite fun to see Tommy Tiernan, Ardal O’Hanlon and Kevin McAleer all together.

Think it was an odd decision by Channel 4 to air it one day after the last episode though, partly as it sort of dampens the big emotional shock of ep 6 by sort of brushing it away so soon

He had a serious thing for the paper.


Note: Nichola Coughlan died on the way to Strabane


Wow, the Chelsea Clinton drop was a real clanger. What on earth