Describe your style (current and if applicable desired) in no more than five words


In light of @ericV and @Witches appraising their own look.

So in five words or less, tell me:

your current style
the style you wish you were rocking



Holding midfield, can break forward


Current style: Hopefully inconspicuous
Ideal style: Definitely inconspicuous


wish i could pull off more floral print and 70s type stuff but it’s not really worth the amount of grief you get for wearing it


Current style: Bland
Ideal style: Sexy bland


Bored and very very basic

Cool as fuck scandi chic




really love sexy bland. my car is literally metallic beige, and we know all about my rucksack


Currently: dresses/jeans and mostly black
Desired: more sophisticated I’m not 16


how can you up your inconspicuity ant?


Current style: 28 going on 18

Desired style: 38 going on 28


Golf chic


If only I knew. I am wearing a plain black t-shirt as I do every day. I am wearing shorts however that I thought were fairly inconspicuous but two separate people have said to me “those shorts are a bit loud for you!” and I am now self-conscious about them.


That’s my look and I don’t get grief for it


are you in plus fours?


were you alive in the 70s?


ah that’s tough man. shorts are such a tightrope to walk


Current: Steve casual
Desired: Steve trendy


kind of love steve casual tbf


Tailored shorts, polo shirt. Need a visor