Described by Clint Boon as the greatest guitar band since Kasabian

Are they associated with the independent group for tig change?

What are their roof-destroying abilities like?

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Never mind that, Clint. I want to know who the greatest hammond organ band are since the Inspiral Carpets.


Might buy a new Sprayway actually.

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inspiral wankpits

very inspired, well done me

He’s done them there

I once went to a club night he put on

He gets on the mike and sings over the songs.

Was shite, left by midnight

Oh lets see who it is is
“England TIL I DIE”
I’m out

Actually thought “ENGLAND TIL I DIE” was the name of the band.


So did I initially.

Whatever you do, do NOT click on the England til I die Facebook page!!

too late