Desert Island Discs

Undoubtedly been done before, but I don’t care. Been listening to the podcasts for 2 days and last night was one of the worst in recent memory (full on breakdown, lots of tears, considered some dark things), so I’m doing this.

You know how it works:

Pick 8 songs to take to the desert island. Favourites, most important, whatever.
Pick your favourite of them to grab if they wash away.
You get the bible and Shakespeare. Pick another book.
Pick a luxury item.

8 songs:

Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads
My earliest memory is this being on the tv when I was crawling around. As an added bonus, it’s a good song.

I Can See For Miles - The Who
Reminds me of sitting in the back of my dad’s car as a child. Long drives to see my grandparents in Scotland, soundtracked by this.

Lady Madonna - The Beatles
My sister and I used to play this together on the piano when neither of us was very good, but we sounded good together. Happy times.

Setting Sun - The Chemical Brothers
Fell in love with the noise, sounded like nothing else on the radio. Made me want to play the drums.

Sing, Sing, Sing - Benny Goodman
Gene Krupa is my favourite drummer. His playing on this track is so simple but massively effective, and it influenced my playing enormously.

God Only Knows - The Beach Boys
Probably the best song ever written. Beautiful.

Piano Concerto No. 2 - Sergei Rachmaninov
I will never get bored of listening to this. Perfect for a desert island.

I would save God Only Knows.

Book would be The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald. Gorgeous writing.

Luxury item would be a piano. Plenty of time to practise.

Your turn.



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Haha. I saw a reply and thought ‘shit, someone’s made the effort’.


Might have a go when I’m at work tomorrow

Weird, I have similar memories of this. My dad would record some CDs onto cassette for driving us on holiday and The Who were always one of them. Great song.

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Can I ditch the bible and Shakespeare which are both dreadfully boring reads and get another two books instead?

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No, but you’ve got something to burn at least, or toilet paper.

The bible will be good for kindling tbf

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I will do this tomorrow

Was thinking the exact same, Shakespeare would be a fair whack too (after a few lol’s)

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To be fair, Deuteronomy is hilarious in entirely horrific ways.


Off the cuff though something like:

Shudder to Think - Red House
Elliott Smith - The Biggest Lie
Carly Simon - Why
Neil Young - Hey Hey My My
Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning
Miles Davis - Right Off and Miles Davis - Yesternow (so I get the entire Jack Johnson album, if that’s allowed)
Dexter Gordon - Love for Sale

Chosen as a mixture of loving them all, most have great memories attached/been a big influence to my life but could be conceivably played at almost any opportunity, good length to most of them and something to suit most moods. No room for any punk unfortunately, will have to mosh to Neil Young :confused:

The book would be Trout Fishing in America by Richard Brautigan, blends the surreal with bleakness and beauty in the most satisfying ways I’ve yet to find.

Luxury item would be a huge mirror. I’d try and break it into pieces, use it for fires, looking at myself, cut grass, look at myself more, sharp stabby implement when tied to a stick, etc.


Dueteronomy is bleak! Don’t you love Old Testament God though? He’s a mean, contrary and jealous old bastard - I think he’s brilliant.

New Testament is rubbish though. Jesus should wrestle more.

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When it goes on about how to sacrifice bulls and stuff I tend to switch off. Don’t really understand why anyone pays it any heed anymore (although apparently Jesus wiped out all the real weird stuff by dying, because that’s what God [who is also Jesus] wanted anyway, but they do still believe the ten commandments and stuff from the Old Testament just not some of it and oh god I don’t care anymore)

It’s clearly bullshit and I love having the option of pointing out that the NT God of sacrifice and love is the same God who turned up on Earth to wrestle and man and break his leg.

Not to mention all of the stone age bullshit about how you should treat your wives and daughters.

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8 discs

Biosphere - Kobresia
Substrata is my comfort food album. It’s what I turn to when I’m feeling fragile and want something soothing and familiar which might be quite often in my isolation. Kobresia is its majestic centrepiece. It’s got an oddly regal feel to it, with the elegant strings and the almost triumphant cadence of the bass.
TBQFH I’d be sorely tempted to just take tracks 2-9 from this album, but that would be a boring answer.

Aphex Twin - Rhubarb
’Rhubarb’ captures everything I love about music. It’s the most simple motif - it shouldn’t be worthy of being more than a brief interlude on a 90s IDM album, but it’s all the subtleties of what’s going on around and under it which bring it to life. I think I could listen to this over and over on a desert island and never get bored.

Radiohead - Let Down
Let down, hanging around. Feels like it would really resonate.

Bvdub - Strength
Long-form, looping, emotive techno. Imagining some chilled nights sipping coconut water lounging on my private beach with this thumping away melodically into the night sky.

Alva Noto - Xerrox Phaser Acat 1
Think I’d frequently need to drown my senses in pulsating white noise and static in order to cope with the crushing loneliness. This is the opener on the album I put on when I need to, ahem, drown in sound.

Autechre - Slip
I feel like I could spend forever exploring how the different layers of this track interact with each other. Really like the way tracks build on Amber. They basically layer on a new motif every 8 bars. Each is so simple but the result is this delightfully complex dance of bleeps and bloops.

Elbow - Mirrorball
I suspect I’d miss my wife on this island. This was our first dance and is probably the best candidate for ‘our’ song.

Nine Inch Nails - Into The Void
"Try to save myself but my self keeps slipping away". This would probably feel pretty apt after a while. Also a song I really enjoy dancing around to for the last section.

Maybe Catch 22

Luxury item
My climbing shoes - there’s definitely some sweet climbing to be done on my desert island.


Seriously, might just go for Carly Rae Jepsen’s Cut To The Feeling and only that. It’s all I’d need.

More serious answer tho…

Weezer - Only In Dreams
Sonic Youth - The Diamond Sea
Bjork - Bachelorette
Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place
Kanye West - Runaway
LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends
GY!BE - Storm
Miles Davis - Blue in Green

Book - don’t they let you do complete works of? If so I’d go with the complete works of Pynchon. Not exactly my favourite author but I’d never be bored. Maybe that’s too much of a stretch, maybe go with Irvine Welsh or something.

Luxury Item - Pizza.


Just loads of classical music for me Sue.

Thought you were a Dave?

For years it seemed like almost all classical music on DiD but I was thinking the other day how the balance has now swung to a majority of contemporary music. Not sure if this is just the demographic of contributors getting younger and more baby boomers or whether it is getting more socially acceptable to say in public you enjoy T’Pau. Probably a bit of both.