Desert Island Micks

This is a thread for me to find out which eight Micks @shrewbie would like to be trapped on a desert island with.

Micks, Michaels, Mikes, Mikeys, Michaelas, etc. are all accepted.

No other DiSers are allowed on the island.

Your time is now, @shrewbie! Who are you taking?

  1. Mikey from Big Brother 9

that’s a very strong start

  1. Mikhail Bulgakov
  2. Michaela Strachan
  3. Michael B Jordan

Wonder if he’s still with Grace

they are still married!

(hower that’s Mikey from BB7 you’re thinking of OBVIOUSLY)

forgot about this thread
are there any more micks?

yes loads

Mickie Mantel

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Desert Island Stich

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my mate Mick

sound, reliable fella

Would be up for a Desert Island Dicks (Filth) spinoff today


also an outdoors type and a tree surgeon by trade so would be quite resourceful on a desert island I’d imagine

I’m gonna have to push you @shrewbie

  1. George Michael
  2. Mickey Mouse
  3. cutthelights’s outdoors type mate mick
  4. Mickey Mantle

thank you shrewbie

now, could you and @anon5266188 please round off your islands by selecting two SPORTSPEOPLE to join you on your islands. They can be there for sporting prowess, personality, whatever! Just have fun with it!


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and who else?

two sportspeople each. I should have made this clear, I’m so sorry