Designers of DiS (DiSigners) (sorry)

Have any of you ever done work for a friend’s wedding?

I’ve done a few, and always end up basically doing it for nothing, and losing my sweet mind about how much it escalates and how I’ve hugely undervalued my time.

A couple I know relatively well have asked me to do some bits for them (they don’t know exactly what at this point, but it’ll likely be save the dates, invitations, table numbers, potentially a website. And they want to pay me.

What would you charge?

Anyone who wants a website for their wedding needs their gens kicked clean off.



Even the website designer is in tiers


Think it’s best to either accept it’s for friends and you’re doing it as a bit of a favour or just not do it imo. Just gonna get awkward if you ask for more money.

If you’re happy to do it then just charge enough to cover costs. If not quote a ridiculous amount and demand 10% of the wedding list (off the top, you don’t want to be left with the salt and pepper shakers or similar nonsense).

It’s a weird one. What counts as ‘costs’? My time?

It’s nice to be asked, and it’d be nice to be involved, but I could be doing other freelance work…

Hosting for the website I guess, plus the bare minimum you l’d usually charge for the amount of hours you spend doing it.

ask to be given the best seat on the best table and hourly compliments and also charge full price.


And a short speech on a subject of your choosing.


even the design fees are in tiers

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Just tell them your normal rate and offer them whatever discount your happy with

When it all goes wrong post screenshots on choosing beggars on reddit and farm that sweet sweet karma


Depends on how much and what you have to do really. I’m doing my friends at work soon for her and have decided in my mind not to charge them or the design (or if I do it’ll be a small amount like £100) but that’s because;

  1. After a few quick talks I know what sort of thing they want and it’s not your run of the mill serif typography so should be a ‘fun’ project.
  2. They’d be able to spend the ‘design fee’ on getting really nice letterpressed invites if that’s what they want.
  3. She’s helped me out personally over the last couple of weeks.

A person she works with at her other job has asked as well, waiting for a message from her about what they want. But for that I’d be looking to charge at least £200 + printing costs just for the save the dates and invites, and then further charges if they wanted all the on the day stuff.

Thanks, useful to read.

I was thinking around the same amount (just because they’re being quite vague, and I know it’ll stack up). Would probably throw in the site, if they end up wanting one, as it’ll take about half an hour to put together, but charge for hosting.

My pal did my wedding photographs for free actually, so free?

Nah. Done enough of that.

Happy to do this sort of thing for free tbh (design/djing/setting up the sound system/making playlists for the day). Just means they don’t get a gift and I can drink beers with impunity.

Thinking about it, I’ve only been to one wedding where I didn’t have to do some sort of work at

Me too. And last time I did it, I reminded myself to stop doing it.

Also, these people aren’t that close. Nice folk, from a previous band.

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Back up those brinks trucks then my friend

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