desk/computer chair recommendations

budget <150. Retractable/stowable arm rests are highly preferred.


Ikea Markus

oh wait sorry it’s £180 but I’ve had it for ages and it’s really good

wait again, there is a £150 version, I think it just uses different materials


was it balonz or zxcvbnm that was getting one of those kneeling chair things?

wonder how they’re getting on

might get this next month

oh you’re just looking for chairs.

i don’t have any recommendations.

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I had one of these a second desk/table in my office (Tory). The edges are sharp and not very comfy for your arms

I’ve got a Bekant desk which is more comfortable, with a Markus chair

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for 25 quid, i think i’d probably sit at a desk with razor blades for edges tbh.

Yeah it’s a great price.

I wonder how much @Epimer 's cost?



thanks for your time

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Watching this thread closely as need a new chair before my back caves in

You fucking mix me up with him again and I’m coming for you, pal! Be very scared!

(wasn’t me)

£39.99 but it’s shite

I got one of these used ones from here -

No problems with it, and been nice to have back support as I have some issues. Also, I put in an offer £15 quid lower and it just got accepted which was good.

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Got one from Amazon that is shite. Luckily work paid.

upgraded to this last year I think?