Desk crap

What have you got on your desk to fiddle with and while away the pointless hours before death? I have these - miniature rugby ball which is about 15 years old and squishy sponge ball with elastic band “seam”. Doesn’t really swing though.

a mouse and a keyboard which I use to navigate to

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My desk at home has about half a dozen miniature (3” ish) Transformers on it. Some of them are quite cleverly engineered.

toy keyboard


Nothing on the desk. Fiddle with my facial hair obviously.

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I have a similar squishy sponge ball which is branded to look like a cricket ball (it’s advertising Adelaide iirc) so it does have an actual seam. no swing though sadly, although tbf it is a few overs old now, can’t be long til it starts reversing.

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Bet you look at that “Moorepay” one and go “CWBAFT”

What with you and Unlucky, I don’t like the way this thread is going.

Used to have a replica of one of the rivets used to build the Golden Gate Bridge but I took it home when we moved offices because it started too many conversations (well, it started the same conversation many times).

Current desk crap

Is the Squires book good? Thinking of asking for it for Christmas.

Currently got an inherited Lego figure and a furry googly eyed monster from a sales rep. Plus a massive stack of paper.

Hope everyone puts it all away at the end of the day to operate the Clear Desk Policy

Dunno, won it at a recent quiz and it’s been sat there ever since. I can probably send it to you in the post at some point if you DM me your address.

What do you have against Squiers

Wow, your desk is immaculate!

Doesn’t really do much for me tbh Ruffers mate

Well I’ll be darned