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Signed to Fierce Panda, the second album “Grow Up” will be released on 24 March + new European tour… Yeah!

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+“Resolution”, the second single.

New track!

Sponsors of the new musical express…

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The early reviews are strongly positive:

I loved their debut album and EP. I’ve seen them probably around five or six times in the last few years. Bevan is one hell of a front woman. They’re the best British indie band for me currently. Looking forward to the album and The Scala gig.

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My initial reaction was a bit by the numbers. But the numbers they redo are really pretty good. Hollow, hollow…I’m gonna follow.

I’ve heard the new album on the way to work just now. A brilliant second album from them. Hopefully, they’ll get the attention they deserve on the back of this album. Always great live.

Anyone go to The Scala gig last night? Brilliant gig.

The new album is very consistent and there isn’t a bad song but it’s just a bit lacking in the top end. The three songs at the start are very good and there are two more that are up there but nothing really hits that 5/5 on the album.

I think Hollow could’ve been the one but they drag that out for a minute longer than they need to and also its chorus is a bit weak.

Anyways, a sophomore album that’s actually good is a rare feat for a British band to come out after 2010 nowadays so good on them.

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