Destroyer - ken

This is out today. I’m a bit hit or miss with him, I love Streethawk, and a few others, but a lot just passes me by - but this is sounding delightful on a first listen.

Music sounds like Power, Corruption & Lies-era New Order. His vocals are probably the best they’ve ever been.


Spotify link, including some probably pointless bonus tracks: ken (Deluxe Version) - Album by Destroyer | Spotify

He’s become such a wonderful singer. So much intimacy.

Looking forward to checking this out, @kallgeese has some pretty high praise for it too. Planning on a hangover tomorrow so it might help.

Yeah, very much enjoying it. Finishing my review of it later on hopefully.

Didn’t know this was out but Destroyer is delightful so will now listen to it & again on my walk to work & again on my walk back from work, thanks.

Had my first listen today, real nice