Season 3 starts tonight. 10pm BBC4. One of my favourite programmes to watch. Lovely and slow, like a big warm hug.

Anyway, looking forward to it.




The world would be a happier place with more of this kind of television :smiley:




:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Not sure we needed it spelling out to us that there is gold to be found though…


It’s so bloody lovely


I’m sure the ending of the Christmas special made me cry


Ya big softie


A great start to the new series. Tim Key and The Unthanks being nice extra wee surprises.


Watched the first two episodes of this and got really, really bored. Should I stay with it or is that its whole thing?


That’s the whole thing. You either like it or hate it. Very sedate


Thanks. Ahm oot.


Love a show where the equivalent of a car chase or climactic fight is a pub quiz


Thought the first series was outstanding. Thought the second series ran out of ideas. But putting Tim Key in something is usually a very good idea. Will watch tonight, probably after watching Motherland.


I enjoyed this fwiw


Something written by Sharon Horgan and Graham Linehan, with Diane Morgan in it ought to be a tap in. Really liked the pilot.


Just started Detectorists this evening after umming and ahhing for ages over whether or not to watch it. It is one of those charming, slow, subtle comedies that BBC4 do so well. Thanks for giving me the required final push to watch it via this thread.


Motherland is very funny. I guess it helps if you have kids.


Just caught up on Motherland - filling the Catastrophe gap in my life nicely.


Watched episode 2 last night. Still gentle, still lovely, still great.

Proper giggles at this bit: