dEUS (stupid 5 character limit)

After not listening to them for ages I dug out ‘In a Bar, Under the Sea’ at the weekend, and have been compulsively listening to the first three albums since. Just magical records.

To be honest, though, I’d kind of lost sight of them after ‘The Ideal Crash’, and hadn’t realised (or maybe just not paid attention) that they’d released subsequent albums.

Talk to me about dEUS. Any later album recommendations appreciated.


I played Roses like mad in 1997. sUDS and sODA was a good record too.


I’m a big fan, though their output since The Ideal Crash has been on a steady quality decline.

I’m off to see Stef Kamil Carlens in 3 weeks actually. His solo album’s a bit dull, but I’m hoping he plays some Zita Swoon stuff too.


That being the case I guess that I’ll start with the first post-Ideal Crash album (Pocket Revolution?). Will check out Zita Swoon too, having never done so before. Cheers!

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Here’s a Tom Barman playlist I made a while back (only the dEUS tracks are actually available on Spotify)


Here’s a playlist I did for the Best Of thread, it contains a fair few more recent tracks.

I actually really like most of the post Ideal Crash records, I thought 2012’s Following Sea was excellent.


Might have to revisit Following Sea then, I find the production on the later releases a bit cheesy. Always liked Quatre Mains as an album opener though.

Maybe excellent is a bit strong, but I enjoyed it, and you’re right Quatre Mains is a tune, hence its inclusion on the playlist!

They are more polished and straight forward indie rock than their early couple of albums but I don’t mind that.

I love dEUS, and for me, their first three albums are their strongest releases to date, they are just three great albums. Having said that their subsequent releases are still worth a listen, of the later release I tend to play “Vantage Point” and “Pocket Revolution” the most.



@ma0sm and @LastAstronaut you’re not wrong about Quatre Mains. What a tune.

Enjoyed my first full listen of Pocket Revolution. The later stuff seems, on first impression, a little more polished - still looking forward to investigating further though.

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Quatre Mains… fucking hell what a tune that is.

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saw the guy from dEUS making a guest appearance with The Frames a couple of years ago and doing a couple of songs. didn’t recognise him, didn’t catch them saying who he was and didn’t recognise either of the songs. had to look up later to find out who it was. feel like i’ve always been somehow aware of the name dEUS and the song title Hotellounge but knew nothing else about them. might give them a listen now.

Fucking love their first three albums. First two have arguably dated a bit, but third has, if anything got better with age. I know it’s off-putting that sean likes them, but they really are a great band.

Started out as a Captain Beefheart covers band apparently.

Where’s @lyle when you need him?


Wut ?

Oh wait, I was thinking of the wrong person wasn’t I. Who was that absolute dEUS fanatic?

Sorry @lyle!

Mauro isn’t in dEUS anymore, is he ?

Left the band last year, he’s now making music with Rudy Trouvé again as The Mechanics.

Should bring Evil Superstars back instead…

dEUS London gig on 8th May 2019 at Electric Ballroom. I’ve only seen them twice before (in 2004 and 2011), so maybe I might go again and continue my 7-8 year tradition of seeing them.
Maybe it means they have a new album coming out. I’ve found it all a bit hit and miss since the highs of IABUTS and The Ideal Crash, but if they play any songs from those albums then it would be worthwhile.