Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft

any fans out there? couldn’t find much searching

they first caught my ear yeeeears ago, and I slsk-ed a couple of their albums some years after that, but I don’t think I realised how good the remastered versions sound until now.

(alsp their big three were produced by none other than Conny Plank)

guess most people will know them/of them, but RIYL Factory Floor, ‘Shaking the Habitual’ by The Knife, Suicide, NIN’s sexier stuff, recent Daughters, the darker + weirder stuff on Mute records, idk… queer industrial electro(post)punk, innit


Was once left to DJ as warm up for a band with whatever records I could find in the venue. Ended up playing almost all of Alles ist gut mixed with Black On Both Sides by Mos Def. Never played a better DJ set.

D.A.F. are a cracking group, never heard a duff track.

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oh wow, that’s some combination :smiley:

would defs think that lots of DAF tracks would kill in a dancefloor situation, all murky and sexy