Deutsche Bank

Thought this deserved it’s own thread really.

So far 18,000 cuts announced some of which are taking place today. Numerous causes have been cited including recent changes to German law making it easier to fire senior members of staff, the China/US trade negotiations and the desire reduce their exposure to risk generated by equities trading.

Good prep for next year’s expected financial meltdown

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More like duetsche wank!



deutsche vermögensberatung or death

This is all probably fine, right?

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Everybody’s talking about Deutsche Bank music


This is more about Deutsche than a systemic issue. It has been trying and failing to be an investment bank for ages. Once the Commerzbank merger fell through this year it had to face the inevitable.

It will all collapse next year anyway so who cares.

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Not to mention getting fined repeatedly for malpractice.

What am I supposed to do about that now?

Spend all your cash

Phew! Haven’t got any!

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Nothing to worry about then


Buy gold

(I have no idea if anything will collapse btw)

What’s the 2020 financial meltdown about then?

There’s an interesting article about this here

The number one takeaway seems to be issues with high levels of private debt, low growth and the possibility an interest rate rise.

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To know the precise date (•_•)

We would need ( •_•)>⌐■-■

20/20 vision (⌐■_■)

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Oh no, not the banks


Ruffers! :grin:

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buy lego - doesn’t lose its value and is more fun that gold :slight_smile: