Devon Welsh/Majical Cloudz


I haven’t made it all the way through this new one yet. I put it on for the first time today. every song is getting caught on repeat. I’m currently in tears to this one. nothing else is going to touch this album for me this year.


I knew this would be your thread when I saw Majical Cloudz :grinning:

I am very happy to learn of this album’s existence and will listen in due course.


It’s bloody lovely isn’t it?


@Flashinglight :slight_smile:

@bruised_blood it’s basically a whole album of the most moving kind of Majical Cloudz songs, isn’t it. with less synthetic instrumentation. it’s heartbreaking.

I feel like it could also be completely life-affirming if somebody was in a good place.


holy shit

Devon Welsh, son of…


Windom Earle, aka Kenneth Welsh


He’s great, love him.

Impersonator is one of my favourite records of the past few years. Looking forward to giving this a go.


This is the best thing I have heard all year


This was mentioned in pretty much every review/interview with him


Impersonator absolutely gripped my soul for a very long time, an extraordinary album. He has ones of those voices that absolutely cuts through all emotional bullshit and hits straight at my core.


gonna give this a listen


cool, I don’t read interviews




just tried this, how come it sounds bad to me? :frowning:


it’s a shame that it does. although I find that a person’s dislike of something typically hangs on their expectations; judging by what they are looking for in something rather than opening themselves to something on its own merits.


Kind of just found the gutar boring and his voice was grating.

I never get to have fun hype times with DiS :frowning:


that’s a shame. for me, the guitar in this has a wonderful emotional purity. or like… the way he channels his raw but articulate emotions through the music imbues the simple guitar parts with a power that might not be there if it was somebody else.

his voice? ahh man. I guess it’s difficult to help if someone’s voice grates. for me, his voice is totally central to the appeal. there’s a clarity to it, and a power that is also somehow absent of showiness or ego.


i will listen to this then.

his voice reminds me of travis morrison, which is good.


ahhh! yeah, I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re totally right. like, if Travis was a better singer kinda?


I’m not feeling it :confused:


Couple of songs stood out but overall think he misses the other guy’s electronic stuff as backing. Wasn’t as interesting a listen as the MC stuff.

Hopefully will grow on me though!