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All Diablo’s welcome here Diablo, Diablo II, Diablo III, Diablo IV. Diablo-like’s also…

I’m stuck in the Underground Passage Level 2 in Diablo II Resurrected, been in here for well over an hour, is the only way out of the Underground Passage Level 2 to back track through Underground Passage Level 1 and back to the field?

Ok fine I’ll buy and download diablo 3. But only cause this is the last day it is discounted.


I’ve just bought Diablo III for PS4, but haven’t started playing it yet.

Seems like it’s all about Baldur’s Gate III these days.

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I completed a first play through of Diablo III last week and can’t get enough of it, the controls are perfect, it’s fast paced and very chaotic. I actually thought many times whilst playing it that it looked like Divinity II but with wild combat instead of turn based slow talky stuff.

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Hi! Love a bit of D3 tho I haven’t played a season of it in at least 18 months. Played that on my PC but have bought D4 for my Xbox series X and it’s been ok…. very slow going from a levelling perspective and items need to have less stat variation but it’s still pretty great. Good story and expect it’s issues to be smoothed out by future patches in the same way as happened with D3.

My favourite build got patched out of D3 in one of the early overhaul patches - Rain of Frogs Witch Doctor, with a big flesh golem pal I called “Lubjub” after the noise he made when shambling towards things to fart them to death.

I miss Lubjub

Great to hear! Must crack on with it soon.

I bought it years ago in a sale and only chewed away at it, always clearly a great game but I just didn’t know what I was doing. Went back just over a week ago and my gameplay went from 4 to 34 hours (now) in a week. Found the start a bit slow, but once it clicks it is properly top tier gaming.

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Started on hardcore seasonal. I fear this is an error.

If i die do i need to start from absolute scratch character wise? Mission wise? Silly thing to do.

are you still stuck on this? I think there’s an exit on level 1 to somewhere else if I recall correctly? Are you going to find some kind of tree by any chance?

I figured that area is the next area that needed clearing, not playing right now, but I did back out and come back through Passage Level 2 to PL1 and back to the field then back to the hub area, enemies in the field seem to have gotten way more serious and plentiful. D2 does seem to disconnect from online (single) play a lot, never happens in D3.

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I did the campaign in Diablo III on Normal, then bumped it up to Hard, which was still easy in all fairness mostly.

Aye but do i need to get to the end of the game without dying once?

yeah if you die once on hardcore your entire character is wiped I believe

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And it’s too late to change now? Fuck sake. Luckily I’m only like an hour in.

yeah dunno as I’ve never played hardcore but I imagine you can’t change it once you’ve started, probably best to restart now unless you want to be stressed for the next however many hours

Hyped. Negotiated Diablo IV on eBay for a reasonable price and much cheaper than the PS Store. Going to load it up right now.

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Level 9 Laglend Fen, which is suggested Level 10. Absolutely no idea what I am doing but this feels more Souls like. The dodge button, in combat turns into a Souls style role, love that. Playing the recommended Seasonal Campaign, I can see other (real) players but am not interacting with them. Graphics almost give an Elden Ring feel, especially the bears. Sound effects are incredible. Not unlocked many slots for powers and slashing and slingshotting my way up. Prefer the controls in Diablo III but this is close and looks a hell of a lot more serious. Feels like a souped up Diablo II more than anything. Even the characters voice is cool. Properly having to manage my attacks and defence and death is nearer than in Diablo III by a long margin, it’s not Souls hard but if you don’t watch what you are doing you will die.

Absolutely loving it.

Restarted and got back to where i was in half the time.


It was quite silly of me to start playing this when I’m anticipating Baldur’s gate next friday.