dial a booze

is this a thing outside of glasgow/scotland?

for the uninitiated it’s basically a service whereby you can phone a dodgy number (outwith the times that you can buy booze from a normal off-licence) and they’ll deliver a cargo to your door, some of them tried to branch out into fags, crisps, lighters and even kebabs at points

we’ve never had 24 hour drinking up here (with good reason) and i remember many a party being saved in my early 20’s by dial a booze

what other (legal things) would you pay a premium to have delivered to you in the middle of the night?

Definitely was a thing in Newcastle when I was living there, and you can get it in London, too.

We called it Dial-a-drink.


Vaguely remember having something similar in Leeds. We now have 24hr garage that sells a wide selection of booze.

always found it a bit mental that you could buy booze from petrol stations


used to happen in manchester when i was up there. Now there seems to be more 24hr booze outlets so you don’t have to pay the daft delivery price.

Never used it, although seen it advertised in both Bristol and Reading. Don’t tend to get any legal deliveries except for food every so often.


I’ve never encountered this, but I do have a quick question about Scottish drinking culture - when I was in Edinburgh and Glasgow a couple of weeks ago I found most pubs wouldn’t allow kids on the premises (which was frustrating as I had a kid with me). In London, I can’t think of anywhere outside the Harp that has the same policy. Is it a Scottish thing, or just a coincidence / bad luck on my part?

Yup, used it a few times at me current gaff, despite it costing a fortune, because all the off licences around me close at 10

Ours is called The Booze Brothers


Please don’t triangulate my location.

Sorry, im pretty sure you live in newcastle


I can confirm it’s still in Newcastle.

Never used it, mind.

yeah its a thing. theyre on just eat etc :confused:

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:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎

Ever been for a pint in the Black Garter?

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that’s really weird, can’t speak for Edinburgh but most pubs in Glasgow (particularly the city centre/west end) would have no problem with kids, particularly during the day

Where did you have problems getting in?

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I’m interested in this


Not yet. Maybe one day.

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Is the Black Garter the one by the market?

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Dial an Alban, obvs.
When I lived in Manchester some friends of mine used to get ket delivered to them at all hours by a guy who drove a royal mail van. I thought there were all sorts of chances to do funny puns like ‘Postman Ket’, but no, he was called K-man. And his name was Kev.

Where I live they have a guy in a taxi who’ll pick up pretty much anything for you any time- so he’ll get you a bigmac but also go past KFC if you want hot wings, and then go to Buyrite (our deeply discounted booze emporium) to get you some MD50-50 too, and dishwasher tablets cos you always forget to buy them don’t you?

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