dial essential : redux!

found this old photo on my phone.

the lower the number the lower the temperature, right?

or wrong?


Yeah, because the leftward movement of the dial essential lowers the temperature

Whoa wait a minute now I’ve had another look and … Wait a minute

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Naiko? no no

move the dial to the left to increase the number and lower the temperature


I reckon you spin the dial clockwise to make it colder?

Ye… Yes, I think?


I would always assume that a marker on a rotational control indicates direction of motion, which is why I went for that, but the fact that the numbers run counter-intuitively is what’s throwing me.

The “bit depth” dial essential:

  • Increases bit depth clockwise
  • Decreases bit depth clockwise, i.e. crushes more bits (because it’s a bit crusher pedal)

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but 3 is next to cold and 2 is next to colder

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the cold and colder markers aren’t for the numbers, they’re for the direction of dial travel

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You read off the arrow though so moving it so the arrow on is on 3 instead of 2 makes it colder

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