Diana Wynne Jones

Big fan of her books when I was a kid, and still enjoy re-reading them now.

I was supposed to interview her shortly before she died, but she was too unwell, so we did the interview via email and I never got to meet her.


I read Howl’s Moving Castle for weeby reasons and thought it was v nice. She seemed like a good sort

Started one of her books recently as my partner loves her stuff. Wasn’t for me, but cute.

The book and the film are quite different after the halfway mark, but no one seems to mind because they’re both good stories in the same spirit, and the writer and Miyazaki are friends.

The family had a private funeral, and then a few months later had more of a public memorial type thing for professional contacts which I was invited to. Miyazaki sent a video message reminiscing about her and how she “chain smoked like a witch”


Which one was it?

The Lives of Christopher Chant. I think. It had a cat on the cover. I didn’t get too far, I might go back. I’m terrible at seeing books through.

Oh that’s a good one and gets pretty dark.

Oh, cool. I’ll go back then.