Diane Oxberry

Died, wtf :frowning:

Crikey, that’s sad. Only 51, that’s no age, really.

That’s the same as me :worried:
RIP Oxers

Oh no :frowning: that’s very sad, such a young age. Haven’t watched in years so I didn’t know she’s been unwell.

When the presenters introduced the weather they used always go “are you going to give us some good weather, Dianne?”, as if she controlled it. I used to amuse (aggravate) my parents by carrying that on and yelling “GODDAMNIT DIANNE!” for bad weather and “PRAISE BE TO YOU, O DIANNE, MY HARVEST WILL BE BOUNTIFUL!” when it was good weather.

Seemed like a nice lady. RIP.


Remember her from being Simon Mayo’s sidekick on Radio 1 in the 90s.
Really sad.

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Aw man. I just got asked to read a poem about her when I was on my lunch and it was awful seeing her colleagues out on the streets trying to film this piece but so upset - they couldn’t even ask me what they wanted me to say without crying. Csnt imagine working in a job where you have to pull yourself together and report on the death of loved ones.

Grew up with Diane ont telly. Can’t believe it, didn’t know she was ill. Must be unbearable for her family. What a tragedy.