Who keeps one? Not the appointment kind, the personal kind. I’m not really one for writing dear diary entries, but I do like to keep loads of ephemera and glue it into a scrapbook as a record of what I’ve done. (I’m currently sorting through a box of bits right now to glue into the most recent book).

Here’s an example from a couple of years ago for @AllOfThemWitches . I made a gif of all the pages when I filled it up, but it would autoplay on an annoying loop here, so here’s some of the individual pages.


[details=Annoying looping gif under here]


Yeah, a journal kind of thing.

Need to instruct a good pal to burn them if I die suddenly.

@balonz Nip round and destroy them if I die suddenly please.


Is Balonz your Max Brod, who will give you eternal literary fame, completely contrary to your dying wishes?


Sure mate (these fuckers are going to get serialised by the highest bidder - probably the Daily Star).



Although I’d say I was of more eminence than his pal.


You’ve already lived longer, right? It’s also a bit clearer what country you come from, and no-one’s gonna be fighting over whether you were Austrian or Czech for years on end.


Was he born in Hackney or Hackney Wick?

The debate will rage on and on.


I really want to see the gif but it doesn’t seem to work via my phone? I’ll check it oot when I’m at my computer!


Not working for me either- I think it didn’t upload properly.

Seems to work now



I really love your idea of creating a scrapbook journal. At the moment all gig and sporting tickets get stuck on a cork board in my parent home but I’d love to try this. Might do it for 2017.


I use the day one app, it’s pretty good, can connect it to Facebook and Instagram to harvest posts and make them a basis of an entry, bit paranoid I could accidentally do the reverse though. In terms of ephemera, it mostly lives on the floor, need to invest in a memory box


Eek I love this!! Gifs are great. Feels like I’m actually rifling through your pages. Noseynosey.


It started off being gig tickets but eventually evolved to things like food labels too. Future historians will thank me. (Although what they really love are boring diary writers who write endless things like “Had 5 fishfingers for tea and then watched the news. There was a story about the local school fete”)


think things like this would be great for a grandchild to flick through one day

alas I don’t lead an interesting enough life to fill one.


I don’t know if I’m leading a thrilling life TBH. I mean there’s sweet packets and £1 scratch cards that didn’t win in there.


My mum writes down three nice things that happen to her each day. Which is very sweet :slight_smile:


I’ve been writing an entry a day for 15 years now. Never go back over them though, it’s usually extraordinarily dull.


i have tried to keep them in the past but never actually manage to make it a regular habit.i’m much more likely to keep up with a scrapbook sort of thing, like you’ve posted above. i found a few blank a5 exercise books recently, was thinking i’ll start one over christmas, with the intention to try and keep it up through the year. i have a box full of exhibition flyers that i hold on too, although i stopped keeping cinema tickets when i started an online log of films i’d seen.


The good thing about the scrapbook is that you don’t have to do it at the time if you don’t feel like it unlike a normal diary, you just stick the stuff in a plastic bag and stick it in when you’re in the mood.