Did anyone ever own up?


I know who did it (not me). But my lips/fingers are sealed.

Still pretty angry about whoever pretended to be me and went on mumsnet and insulted all the mums.


I do not know who did this. But probably Theo.

where did the science oven thing come from?

I have four suspects, two of whom no longer post.

Foley, 100%.

Can’t really think of anyone else who’s as funny.


Reckon it was elaina


If it was casseroles she played a blinder

yeah I thought there was a big reveal at some point and it was her

seems not

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Please tell me that Balonz is just a typo and not a name you are considering for your child??

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Unless @tkc means originally originally, in which case I think it was something made up for the script of American Hustle

Oh right, yeah, had assumed that bit was common knowledge

nah i thought that was the origin, just wasnt sure how it came to be associated with Balonz,

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I will ask him, but I don’t think it’s him.

I thought Elaina was a possible…

To expand on what I said yesterday:

My four suspects -

  • Foley (but he’s denied it)
  • Labmonkey
  • Untrue / Barleysugar
  • ma0sm (also denied it)

All are the pranking type.

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A bunch of prankers

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I don’t think it’s any of them