Did anyone have a lecturer at uni who's basically a less nice version of Sue Perkins?


Like that exact same type of humour. Who invented it? Is it like an 80s student type of comedy or something? I’ve got a lecturer who’s a less nice version of Sue Perkins.


yep. looked like her too.


my friend ian looks like her


Mine also looks like her. What did she teach?


I did not.


Political Philosophy


Ah right. Dunno who the fuck you’re on about.


One example I can think of off the top of my head is when she was having a go at the class about something. Attendance maybe. When she’d finished having a go she motioned her hand across her face and said “Aaaaand back in the room.”

Classic Perkins.


not a lecturer, but i did have a therapist who looked almost exactly like sue perkins for a while. didn’t really get much of a sense of what her sense of humour was like, though. probably not a very suitable environment for that kind of shtick.