Did anyone see the girl playing the piano with Mika and Claudia Winkleman?

Sorry about the crap YouTube title

Came downstairs late last night and my gf was in the lounge bawling her eyes out. She rewound this and showed it to me and then I started crying too

Ridiculous talent

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Yeah, pretty much the same experience as you though I didn’t cry and we live in an apartment so I didn’t go down any stairs


Pretty much same as this though I haven’t seen the video.


just watched it now. didn’t cry but was close.

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No but my dad was telling me about it on the phone last night

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That title makes it seem her stage name is Blind Lucy

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I played piano with Mika once, don’t see me going viral

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Hang on Mika’s in this? Has he become a thing again after Eurovision?

My wife has been watching this didn’t realise Mika was on it. Also evertime they make a comment I want to hit them. Shut up and I was never imoressed by the singers, it’s called The Piano not Piano Singer.

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Got a link? I might share it on Twitter

No sorry

No worries, maybe just a description of it will be enough to get numbers. Can you help with the words?



It was in the woods

Alright, Bon

Sadly I’ve been informed the piano is a transphobe

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