Did anyone tell you folks it's evening thread time?

Because it is!

Might watch a film, might read a book, might just cry into my pillow…


Was just just gonna ask where it was in another thread.

Have ordered a vegan takeaway as last evening in Glasgow for a few weeks.

Gonna finish book. Forgot to do washing today so gonna have to have the heating on this eve to dry clothes.

A bit of packing to do.

Got friends coming for dinner tomorrow so I’m going to make the main bit of a lasagne now so it can sit overnight. Then maybe a sopranos and bed

Order and also going anywhere nice?

Cooked up some Carolina Reaper veggie sausages at lunchtime. Mrs W declared that they were far too hot for her.

So I ate hers as well as mine.

I am now very unwell.

This post has been bought to you from the smallest room in my house.



That’s stuck in my head now so consider this my gift to you.

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I’ll watch Birds Of Prey and then Ip Man 4 with a few drinks.

I got a pizza but they gave me cheesy garlic bread instead of regular garlic bread and I ate too much cheese and I feel sick


Cooking chickpea and spinach curry and wondering if I’ll ever consume a meal at the same time as my son ever again

Got to go on a 2 hour work call at 9 when everyone will read our their pre prepared bit for a couple of minutes then zone out while everyone else does the same. My boss’ boss sure does love a pointless ritual

Anyway, just sent off a CV for a job I’ve no interest in taking, and now I’m going to play popular massively multiplayer online role playing game Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: Shadowbringers: Patch 5.3 as my plucky Lalafell healer (Scholar) Bumsnogger.

Thinking about watching a horror film on my own but it’s too close to bedtime so I won’t risk it. Have been watching selling sunset on Netflix so might just carry on with that

Balmoral vg burger, buffalo ‘chickn’ loaded fries, fritz kola (had 50% off code)

Staying at gfs tomorrow, week at a caravan nr Musselborough with family, 2 weeks back in Yorkshire (one of them working)

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still hungover from drinking like 5 beers last night. having some pasta for tea. think that’s about it.

Also have one of these to try this eve


Going to clean the bathroom then watch the British Superbike highlights. That’s all I think.

Lot going on there

Name: terrible
Description: promising (coriander in a gose works so well if got right)

Apparently it’s a great beer. Good can too.

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Anyway. At work until 9. Kiddo had a temperature, so expecting a broken night. Got a liars playlist going on. All good.

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I never thought I’d go in for such a thing but I went into a place to buy some beers and they were doing a paint along with Bob Ross and I think I’d attend that.