Did I see a DiSer at 10:52 today on a bike in Clifton, Bristol?


I forget the name but recognised the face from here I swear. May have been imagining it, but if it’s true, I would like to know.

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do a poll to find out

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Did I?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t know
  • Maybe
  • Probably
  • Possibly
  • Perhaps
  • Definitely

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  • It was me
  • It was someone else.

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Was me. Sped up when I spotted you but wasn’t fast enough as it turns out


I’m currently at Bedminster Cricket Club, not seen any DiSers on bikes yet afaik. I will stay alert.


I was around there at the time.

Would you describe the bloke you saw as a handsome rebel who looked like he played he his own rules?


I’m referring to Shaggy for this


It was Mr Boombastic? [/theo]

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Just want to register my appreciation of the use of the colon in the time. More slapdash persons settle for an irksome full stop.

Good luck with your investigations.


I thought : was the american way and . was the English.

Either way, the full stop is clearly better.


You’ve lost your mind!

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