Did Jesus Christ actually exist, as a person or whatever, was he around at any point?


Aside from all the religious stuff was he around? It seems like it’s mostly thought of that he did, but most of the sources seem religious and well - I don’t know if that disqualifies them tbh.


Sort of, probably.


Think so yeah.


well i never met him


There is a record of Jesus of Nazareth… just like there’s a Dave in Milton Keynes


apparently theres a record of a bloke called that being crucified at the right sort of time from the romans, so probably legit. records from all the stuff about what led up to it etc were all from christians, and a lot were written ages after any of it happened, so probably not legit.


what sort of music is it?


Late 70s post punk


Gotta be NWOBHM


Dave is in Leeds, obvs





Jesus really died for you.


I hope so


Seems a bit unnecessary


People kept telling him that but he was adamant.


Probably an amalgamation of people who were Jewish but broke off from the traditional Jewish faith.

Love the bible.


Adam Ant???!!


Is Adam Ant a pun on adamant?!

Things you have been slow to realise

He worked in Spar for a bit, stacking shelves.