Did people want to do a DiS top nnn favourite books of all time? 📚 📖 🔖

Happy to compile it.

Was thinking anything goes, if it’s been published as a book: @anon50098204’s “I’m an Office Worker” thread, Billy Corgan’s Big Chord Book @TAFH33, one of those big weird mystery picture books from school, your favourite textbook, or even a book of art.

If people are up for it just message me your list in order, most favouritest book ever down to least favourite. Would be good to have 20 but just as many as you want, like send me 100 if that’s your thang.



on one hand feels similar to the writers thread, on the other hand while not submitting a best writers list i kept thinking “this would be a lot easier with books”. will probably submit

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Yeah that was my feeling. I’ve read a few books I loved but maybe that’s the only one by an author so they wouldn’t go in my list.


21st century was done.

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As we all know, there are no books from the 21st century

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I didn’t submit a writers list because I’m nowhere near well read enough, but would definitely be up for this.


Well I’ve had one submission already! Yeeeessssssss

I will probably submit a list tomorrow. Can’t have enough books. Would be interesting to see if it throws up stuff from people that didn’t turn up in the writers thread etc.

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Sorry. What does nnn mean?

I keep missing the voting on these things, so will try and get my act together and submit something for this.

How about something more fun like top 100 items of clothing or sweeties

I’d definitely make a list - is there a rough deadline yet?

I haven’t finished reading All Books yet so if we could wait til I’ve caught up that would be great


Think i’m listed out. Will turn up to make snarky comments tho prob.

  1. The Twits
    2-100. Who cares
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It means a top 50 maybe top 100 depending on how many entries really

Yeah no deadline right now. Just thought I’d see.

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Struggling to think how I could work out whether a Cadbury’s Twirl beats a really nice chunky hand-knitted woollen jumper…

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Wonder how many items of clothing I’ve worn in my life

I’m going to guess some around 3-500