Did people want to do a DiS top nnn favourite books of all time? 📚 📖 🔖

Quite a wide span there. I’m wearing 4 right now!

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four of @Icarus-Smicarus’ clothes?

Almost exclusively.

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I thought we’d discussed this

I thought you just said you didn’t want them back after?

argghh meant to send it to Theo

Do audiobooks count? Can you say a book is your favourite if you’ve only ever listened to it and not technically read it?

Mrs Knees reads to me at night, so do these books count?

It’s still a book so it counts.

I guess I’d query picking a book as a fave if you’ve only seen the film adaptation?

Comics allowed too of course @xylo

I wasn’t implying you didn’t just pointing it out as I know you have some faves in all book forms :grinning:

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