Did someone at school accidentally fill their mouth with all the ink in a gel pen?

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  • No

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  • This was me

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Looked horrific btw

Girl with her entire oral cavity coated fluorescent green

My schools insistence on fountain pens meant there was a lot of ink stains on people and about the place

Some kids used those pens you had to fill direct from a bottle. Then inevitably would have a bag full of ink accident at some point

I got a chunk of lead stuck in my tooth from chewing a pencil and had to be sent home


DId you go to school in a Dickens novel?

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It’s true! It was pretty common in the 80s I think to be made to use fountain pens, and some kids had old pens I guess had been knocking about in the back of a drawer at home


For the whole world to see as they put her in the bag

And I’m thinking, that must be a gel pen

That must be a gel pen, right?


Yep. Had a load of black spots on the back of one of my school shirts because of that.

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Someone in my class did it with a tip-ex pen :man_facepalming:

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If you never fill your mouth with gel pen ink, how will you learn not to fill your mouth with gel pen ink?

Crikey, that stuff was quite toxic wasn’t it?

Second day after the new extension to my school opened I managed to knock over a bottle of tip-ex all over a brand new desk. Reckon the marks are still there now.


Yeah… All I remember is hearing a sudden exclamation from the corner of the room and looking over to see him looking shocked and tipp-ex coated in and around his mouth, having chewed through the end. What a plonker. Makes me feel a bit sick thinking about it.