Did that weird walk thing the other day



I was coming back from the post office and I wasn’t sure exactly where I had parked the car.

as I got closer, this nice looking girl came out of her house and we did that ‘nod’ of acknowledgment. I was maybe 3 or 4 steps ahead of her as she came out of her front gate.

I was walking quite slowly, as was still unsure where I had parked the car. I could hear her catching me up at the same time as I was slowing down and I felt like I might be weirding her out, so I said something like ‘look, I’m not being ‘that’ guy, I’m slowing down because I’m not exactly sure where the car is!’ in the most non-threatening way imaginable

she replied ‘oh, I thought you were sneakily trying to take a look at my ass!’

think I mumbled something pathetic under my breath, said ‘here it is’ and got into the car. she said ‘have a great day’ and got into her car

I drove home after that and had a nap

weird, stuff like that innit


The thing that gave you away here is that nobody in Britain says “ass” unless they’re visiting a donkey sanctuary.


Could have been American, eh?


That’s Canadians.


That’s not the weird walk thing. The weird walk thing is when you’re walking and start thinking about your walk style and suddenly you’re walking differently.


I definitely say ass, man. always have.


Or maybe silks pronounces ‘ass’ like posh’uns pronounce ‘class’?


I always go for “tit”, but each to their own.


Dr Nuts Reader with Record Collection


ass sounds sexier than arse


man, in retrospect I probably should have just legged it. safest option innit


Maybe if you’re from Somerset.


ass, like hakan sas


Isn’t the weird walk thing that thing where you’re walking towards someone and you bith side step a few times back and forth mirroring each others movements until one of you smiles and stops.

If no one smiles you just keep going.


did you catch a glimpse of her fanny?



The tricky manoeuvre that is acknowledgement without breaking stride.




This has literally never happened to me.