Did this really happen?

Thread for asking if things from the past really, actually happened.

Like this, did this really happen?


Was fully expecting a dog playing the piano, sorry smee.


It did.

The question you should be asking is why did this not happen much more often.

Bone Alone should be some bloke with a stiffy in his house by himself.

Only way to get me into the cinema.


What was the last film you went to see on the big screen lonz?

In a similar vein, did THIS really happen?

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Paddington 2
Lego Ninjago
Cars 3
Monster Trucks
Rugoe One

Are my last five.

Padders is fucking great if you haven’t seen it.


Comprehensive list. Seen Padstow 1 but not the new’un, will rectify because of yours and Ant’s recommendation.

One of the best films I have seen. Far better than the first which is v good.

I wouldn’t watch Monster Trucks if I was you.


Hell of a claim!

That’s quite a nice poster tbh but isn’t the premise that they put monsters in trucks instead of an engine or some shite? Not having that man.

Yeah, it was one of those kids clubs things they do early at the cinema on a Sunday for £2 or something where they show slightly older films and we went to see Moana and got shitbagged with this as Moana was sold out. Twats.


ah fuck, i can’t believe he’s done this

nope that never happened

Thank fuck for that.

Imagine if Hugh Jackman did wear headphones upside down, hahahahahaha.

fucken ell just gave it a listen all the way thru. The bit where someone goes “It’s all for a good CAUSE” in between lines.

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Is this a teaser for a new series of Brasseye?