Did tripadvisor become a bit useless once proprietors became aware of it

and started requesting people to do reviews?



Then keep on this thread and you might just find out!

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I only started trusting it when it became clear it was a real thing that people noted. I mean the website has always looked like the dodgiest shit ever so I just presumed it was full of worthless things.

That said, it’s essentially like trusting your holiday to the sort of people who review things on Amazon and we know how trustworthy they are.


I think the best use of it is to read the one star reviews and see how petty the complaints are. When it’s stuff like “only entertainment was a parrot show” then you know it’s going to be fine.


I treat it the same way I treat Amazon reviews - ignore 1 star reviews as they’re usually about something irrelevant, read a couple of two and three star ones to see if they have any substance to them and then do whatever I was going to do before I started looking at reviews in the first place.


If I need something reviewed then where better than DiS

^ world’s second biggest Paramore fan


can someone find this thread?: [quote=“noise_ramones, post:11, topic:15554, full:true”]
that thread where smee and his wife reviewed a shitty cafe in Exeter and the proprietor started shit-talking them was funny though

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i don’t remember this

oh it was good

(can’t find it unforch)

Very useful at avoiding awful tourist trap shit when on holiday. Has markedly improved my trips in that sense.

That said, if you look at your own city, you’ll likely not think the top recommendations are the best places and when I get recommendations from locals, they’re often different to what’s on there. So you might not get the best or the most authentic but you’ll avoid utter dogshit.

Feel like reviews that people do for a free coffee or whatever make up a very small percentage. I normally take the reception of places with only a handful of reviews with a pinch of salt.

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i think the photos are useful too, if there’s a big different between the management photos and those of people staying in the hotel you know they’re big liars.

I bloody love parrot shows!

I’ll need to dig up that review, then, because that wasn’t a hypothetical example.

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Worth it for reviews of tapas restaurants complaining about the portion size.


This is brilliant


that’s tremendous

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Plenty of rival companies give one star reviews of rivals often quite aggressively with some big issues. It really isn’t reliable ive worked for places that in someway doctor tripadvisor reviews although there are extents.