Did we all forget about the evening thread?

Ugh. Super stressed - my work is a mess at the moment.

Also decided that we’re not flying home for Christmas which is super sad.

What u cross stitchin hun?

Post progress in the knitting thread! That’s where I post mine :joy:

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Pauline a la plage in a bit.

Just converted cauliflower cheese leftovers into macaroni & cauliflower cheese with crispy onions.


anyone have any advice for selling rare Pokémon cards?

I am pondering this rn because I think a few of them may be worth quite a bit at this moment in time.

think I’m gonna have a sandwich then go and skate for a bit. been otherwise at a loss today.



What’s the pi?

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Looks amazing!

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I’ve just read it all (pray for Mojo) and your Bill Withers gag is worth the price of admission on its own, tbh


You’ll note I used the correct amount of ‘minnows’ to fit the lyrics. I was very bored at work today.


Humour is nothing without diligence and accuracy



Feeling a bit sad. The reality of what Christmas is going to be like this year has really hit home.


That project I mentioned the other day is online now, this is the radio edit (from 1 hr 22) I really like the longer version but I don’t know where to find it. Really odd how one quote was used out of context so makes zero sense (I was talking about how buddleia didn’t exist in the north of England until the 80s at the start but just sound like gibberish as that bit was cut out)



Wtf Kevin Eldon is in this episode of The Crown.

Why did buddleia not exist in the north? Is it just a suburban planting fashion or something? I think of buddleia as a fully 80s plant (full disclosure we have a massive one here which I really like, so many butterflies and bees!)

Climate change innit. I mean wild buddleia (I was talking about it as a signifier of neglect). I’m sure people had it in their gardens then (or maybe not). But the distinction between plant life in different parts of the UK was much more defined 40 years ago


3.14159… Steak, red wine and :mushroom:

Ah right. It’s crazy hardy to be fair, I guess it’s a good neglect signal - there’s a hole where a pub was down the road which is just a buddleia forest now

I went back to my hometown last year and I went to the site of a club I used to go to, the entire site was buddleia, I got close to the fence to see if I could see the foundations or anything but it was DENSE. https://twitter.com/skylinermcr/status/1163738622295719936

I also do a buddleia tour :slight_smile: Great plant.

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