Did you buy anything better than this at the weekend?


This is pretty much rhetorical because obvs you didn’t, but come at me anyway.



got a ham and cheese panini that was pretty bangin though.



But I did meet someone called Victory.


No you didn’t.


This is incredibly racist.


I have been done.




That is impressive. The only thing I bought over the weekend was our mum’s Christmas present:




that fist should be housed in a black glove


hopefully don’t get called out on this. seems fine to me!


What did he smell like?


Had these amazing slippers bought for me


@whiterussian to thread


I bought the best Chicken burger I’ve ever had at Coqfighter at Boxpark Croydon.


Ah man, that looks amazing


I used to have a whole set of cowboys and Indians playmobil

got it on a childhood holiday to Spain - all manner of horses/ guns/ hats etc to play with

wish I still had it


Don’t think I bought anything

oh actually, I got some halloumi


paid for nothing but taxis this weekend.

did however receive the following things in the post:


oh i bought some chips on my way to work on saturday. £1.40.