Did you call a plumber to your home lately?

This is the fifth in a weekly series where I, Jonathan Frakes, ask the Drowned In Sound community questions taken from the show Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction which I hosted from 1998 - 2002.

Did you call a plumber to your home lately?
  • Yes
  • No, not lately
  • No, not ever

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If you did, why did you call them? Were you satisfied with the service you received?

Nice try, narc

It was in the autumn, and it was to do a boiler check, and yes, I was satisfied with the service I received.

Yes, my man James White came to fit a new shower. He’s a very unique man, he talks for an incredibly long time even when I’m on a zoom and pointing at my laptop and saying James, I can’t talk about my xmas cactus with you right now. He just carries on. Not strictly a cactus you know, they grow in the rainforest, and…my GOD I’ve never seen one as vibrant as this, what do you do?!

Casually walks into my bedroom when I’ve got the door closed to check the electrics, because he is also an electrician. In other words he’s my landlady’s mate who will do a DIY job for her for a fee. Told me when he was ready to fit the shower he’d be back “with my three kids, you know how it is”. I do James, but you do have a partner and I do not want three kids in here when I’m working (or ever).

He broke a tile in my bathroom which has annoyed me, and the shower unit he chose means I can only now have my shower head too high and nowhere else.

He fit a new tap for me last year after it had dripped for 5 years, took him 2.5 days, mostly because of the talking.


Leaking bathroom tap


Had to get a new siphon valve fitted on the toilet after I fucked up installing one. The plumber appeared to have a child with him on work experience. I liked the service a lot

Yeah. Some valve or something on the towel rail shat the bed just before Christmas.

Yes, about 6 months ago. Flush had stopped working properly on my toilet, meaning that I had to lift the lid off the cistern and move it manually to get it to work. Plumber did an acceptable job so I was and remain satisfied with the service.

We bought a house today. One of the radiators is being propped up by a couple of books, and the knob doesn’t turn on one of the other ones. Gonna have to get a plumber involved, which is bad enough when I speak the language but am fully expecting to get taken for an absolute ride. Gonna have to try and get a personal recommendation I reckon.

Never phoned a plumber for here in the almost-8 years I’ve even in this flat. I’ve replaced taps and the immersion heater element in that time (not sure if the latter counts as plumbing). Basically if it’s anything less than an emergency, you’d better believe I’m half-arsing it myself with a youtube video (maximum 4 minutes) under my belt.


‘Plumbing emergencies’ are top tier ‘I’m not coming to work today’ excuses.

He sounds like an absolute nightmare

Earlier today, I texted them, then they called me. What do you make of that, Frakes?

We called our man Adam a few weeks back, to fix a leaky pipe under the sink. Lovely chap - he looks about fifteen, but he can’t actually be that young since we’ve been using his services for at least ten years. Maybe “Adam” is just a front and Peter Pan has expanded his horizons a bit.

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He’s highly entertaining if you’re able to observe from the sidelines/walk away. One time he came I arranged it so my friend was here babysitting and I went out - with no plans, just to not be there when he was. Felt pretty bad on my mate but the next time I saw him after that (not sure why I’ve seen him so many times) he was like ‘just so you know Mary is very good with your daughter’ and gave me a report on her babysitting skills.


Boiler broke on December 23rd 2021, had three different plumbers in the home between then and it being fixed on Jan 5th 2022

Called the highest rated plumber on Nextdoor for this area, left a voicemail. Has he called me back? Has he fuck.

Not personally but my landlord did

This thread has inspired me to contact a plumber to try to work out why our shower is always fucking cold.

Boiler went on the blink just before Xmas.

Luckily there’s a plumber a few doors down, so he popped round and sorted it for us.

Very happy with the service because trying to get a random plumber out on the 23rd of December probably would’ve been a nightmare.