Did you ever get told off by one of your mates' parents when you were a kid?


Or, tell me about times you got told off by your own parent(s) when you had a mate round.

Both equally mortifying innit.

Mark’s Mum told me I had to go home when I was round his house after Mark performed the catapult wrestling move in his little brother and made him go head first into the wall:

I got told off by my Mum in front of Ricky when he was round my house after “raiding” my sister’s room and taking the legs off these red plastic chairs she had and chucking them out the window.


Yes I remember vividly a friend’s dad (who was ex-military) telling me he couldn’t make a soldier out of me. I think he expected this to hurt my feelings.
Stealing dustys I was, a fabulous childhood past time.


What is stealing dustys?


Creamed a volley through Harley’s garage window.

My brother got banned from Fat Jack’s house for three years after Jack put something very inappropriate as his younger sister’s desktop background on their shared PC, blamed it on my brother and never fessed up after the banning order was put in place


Yes. Roger Walmsley told me off for not having said thank you after he gave us a lift back home after cubs. He never gave us a lift after that.

NB - my friend (his son) lived about 8 doors down so it was hardly the biggest inconvenience. Still smarts.


My younger brother got one of those big skateboards for kids and went out to play with it with a kid from down the road called Andy, who was always calling round. When they came back, it turned out Andy had been trying to grind with it on the kerb and it was scratched all to hell. My dad stood on the doorstep and told Andy off in no uncertain terms. It was extremely uncomfortable.


No I was always a model houseguest


Car tyre dust caps. Was a big thing when I was younger, some cars had quite fancy ones, so you’d steal them for fun.


The first thing my mate Sean’s Dad ever said to me when he came to pick us up after missing a bus was “You two are a pair of proper fucking idiots”

He was a truly terrifying man.


Never heard of this in my life, sounds like a laugh


Argh, yes and rightly so. My friend and I thought it would be hilarious to make a large snowball, stick it in her Mum’s bed and pour water over it (?!) for her to discover during her afternoon nap. She was very raging.


Not really.

My mate Paul got Tekken 2 for his birthday one year. He was playing winner stays on, then I beat him, he cried, and his mum sent me home. I remind him every time I see him.






More of a complete sociopath tbh, was banned from Sunday league football for life after assaulting a ref with the corner flag amongst many other things, was one of those blokes with that reputation in my hometown. My mate doesn’t have anything to do with him these days…


It was quite weird, I was normally a very well behaved child but I went through a period of having uncontrollable urges to say and do bad things. Like whilst visiting my cousin I’d break the fimo models she’d made, tell my friend the way she decorated her cake was rubbish, tell people to shut up… these aren’t that bad but it was definitely out of character. Didn’t kill any animals though so that’s OKAY :thumbsup:


I subtract Legend. That’s grim, sorry for your friend, that’s not good :slight_frown:


I nutmegged Fionn at his birthday party and his dad completely cleaned me out next time I got the ball. He was a very weird man, absolute archetypal kids’ football dad.


He wasn’t a mate as he bullied me pretty relentlessly and made me really hate my primary school experience but Ben’s Mum told me off (and told my Mum about it) after I recited the “p-p-p-p-p-p piss off Lou” line from Mrs Doubtfire at his birthday party without realising that it was swearing.


Blast from the past there. Was a right little git for robbing dustcaps. Went to Glastonbury with my family when I was 10, me and my brother spent all of early Sunday morning stealing fancy dusties off the hippy camper vans. One of them was shaped like a skull. most exciting bit of the holiday.