Did you ever get told off by one of your mates' parents when you were a kid?

Had some family friends who had a son a few years younger than me who was a bit of a little prick (he’s actually turned into a lovely young man) but we were playing football once and using a jumper as one goal post and a 50p piece as the other. I don’t know why. Anyway of course we lost the 50p piece and the kid was convinced I’d nicked it. Went home and forgot all about it and about an hour later his Dad came round and absolutely gave me both barrels - my parents weren’t at home - demanding I gave him the money back within a week or there’d be consequences. I think I was 10 or 11. :smiley:
My Mum went round later and teamed up with his wife (her bessie) to take the guy to the cleaners.


was more of a shoulder charge (except not a shoulder charge because it was him slamming his hip into my ribs because I was 9 years old)

My mate Chris used to live right around the corner from me.

Once I was round at his and we had a proper argument (we were about 8, so it was probably about something serious like Pogs). Anyway, I accidentally pushed him onto his Scalextric, so he got up, ran around to my house and pulled my curtain rail down in my bedroom.

Top lad, I’m an usher at his wedding this year.


Had you nicked it though?

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can i remember anything more specific than that? no

Thanks for a wonderful contribution Wiggso

:frowning: Less amusing.

I don’t think so. I can’t remember the entire incIdent tbh the story has just lived on over the years. Tbf I wouldn’t put it past myself.

What’s the most valuable thing (monetarily and sentimentally) that you’ve ever stolen Smee?

Was giggling with a mate at a family dinner (we were probably about 7 years old) and his dad booted me in the shin under the table. What a dickhead.

Surely if anything deserves its own thread…

Seems niche but here you go…

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On a similar note I caught a volley beautifully and shattered the extractor fan on the side of Matt Wright’s house. I was sent home for that by his Dad. Also, once caught his Dad (who was a copper and footie ref) on the shoulder with a misdirected long-range effort with a sponge football and refused to say sorry because I thought he was being a bit wet.


Yes, but then again, I did push her daughter into a swimming pool.


Raymond’s mum told me off for calling him a dildo when I had no idea what it meant.

I was on holiday with them at the time so I couldn’t even slink off in embarrassment.


Raymond is a weird name for a kid isn’t it


You reckon he should have switched to it when he hit puberty?

That’s not my call to make

Weird name full stop IMO.
Famous Raymonds:

Everybody loves… (though he generally goes by Ray)
Van Der Gouw
Van Barneveld


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My Granddad’s name was Ray but he never went by Raymond (it made sense for a granddad I think plus his wife (my gran’s) name was even weirder)