Did you ever sneak out of the house as a kid?

If so, how and did you get caught?

Me? No

Also no, didn’t have a large tree in the backyard with a suspiciously well placed branch terminating right under my bedroom window.


I was too chicken for anything like that

Me and my sister used to do it on holiday

When we were teenagers we would share a hotel room and our parents would set a curfew when we had to be back and check we were there and take our room key away (we could get out but not get back in)

We’d prop open the door with a book or something and go out again to shit bars and nightclubs

I don’t remember getting caught - I was so reckless with hindsight. I remember propping up the bar in the hotel one afternoon when I was 14, quaffing San Miguel that a drunk German was buying for me and sucking on Marlboro lights, my parents might have walked by at any moment



No l, but I used to sneak in

There was (quite a long) period when I’d lost my front door key and was too scared to admit it.

So every morning I’d have to surreptitiously take the spare back door key off the hook without anyone noticing.

Then when I came home from school i had to climb over the side gate to get in.

Reckon this went on for a term.



Only really remember having to break into my house. Used to have some cat burglar like system for when my parents weren’t in, but I’d just been playing out in the street (between ages of about 9-11).
Would have to climb over the porch into the alley down side of house, get a bin to stand on and fit through a tiny window into this really small cramped laundry room/cupboard, and then if the door was closed, spend ages jostling with the door knobless handle on the other side.
Remember it being an all or nothing type scenario as once in the laundry room it was impossible to get out again (for some reason) so sometimes would just be stuck in there if I couldn’t get just the right purchase on the handle when in the laundry.
Whenever I managed it though always felt like king of the world.


Yes! Used to sneak to the garage down the road and buy sweets. On the way back one time with a friend we saw my dad’s car turning out the driveway. He dragged us in and gave us a monster bollocking. Hid the sweets before he was able to confiscate them though :sunglasses:

No chance. Literally not possible. Had nothing to sneak out for anyway.

house was well too small for this

like, you’d see kids doing it on tv or whatever. I would’ve literally fell through the roof or broke a pipe.

Regularly when primary school aged, including at night out of bedroom window. Tbh house was parentless a lot so minimal sneaking was involved. Secondary school age I didn’t need to sneak, would just leave.

No, never used to sneak out but my friends and I would all tell our parents we were stay at each others’ houses and then have a party at someone’s/get drunk in a park/get into pubs/clubs etc.

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Never needed to really, very lenient folks and all my friends lived in the same town. Would just leave the front light on and lock up when I got in, which is very kind considering my ‘curfew’ would be at like 2. Then I got a key and it was all gravy anyway.

Wasn’t really possible in my house. I used to have dreams all the time about sneaking out and stealing my dad’s car to the point where I thought I’d just have to do it as it was clearly my destiny. Never did. Mild regret but overall pleased with my restraint.

No, but I never really had a curfew or anything anyway - although that might have been because I never really went out late or without telling my parents where I was going in the first place.

No, but I wasn’t very into the idea anyway. Was a bit scared of the dark until I was like 16, and uneasy outside at night for a couple years longer.

Skipped lessons a few times to drive to the beach and mooch about though and that was pretty great.

Not really sneaking, but aged 5 I decided it would be a good idea to climb out of my first floor bedroom window, walk along the outside sill (holding onto the frame), and back in the other side.

Window like this:

Man in the factory yard next door saw me and shouted at me to get inside, then came to tell my mum.

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Yeah, ran away when I was six or seven and the parents got the police on the case, who found me in Argos buying a watch later that day. Pretty sure there was some serious thinking behind it (it coincided with something else that happened) but it just became a running joke amongst the family. To be fair it does sound quite ridiculous, and they were probably just trying to diffuse their own fear.

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