Did you know buses had sirens

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They also have big hoses for putting out fires

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Thats an elephant. Silly


The alarm thing that makes the squawky noise?

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There’s a pole at the bus station so the drivers don’t miss the start of their routes.

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New Lana del Rey album doesn’t sound too exciting


You’re thinking about ice cream vans

To attract taxis to crash into the back of them?

This bus is under attack

Just imagining a bus driver with his siren on speeding down the road with a bus full of passengers and a really worried look on his face like he’s a sitcom character in the wrong place at the wrong time

Brexit means Brexit

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Yea, I was on a bus in Camden once and a guy came on with a Rottweiler playing wu tang loudly on a boombox. When he refused to get off the driver just pulled over and put a siren on. We just wandered off as he sat on the bus with the siren blaring whilst everyone else got off!

Would clarify the guy had the boombox not the Rottweiler


Hiring a stripper for a hen night and he turns up
dressed as a bus driver.

Isn’t this a Daft Punk video

Buses are cows

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All buses were fitted with them after the release of Speed (1994)

If only one of the fellow passengers had been Spock

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