Did you know that 84% of Wikipedia editors are male?

Pretty stark and consequential imo

HIRE :clap: MORE :clap: WOMEN :clap: WIKIPEDIA :clap: EDITORS :clap:

I think my neighbour edits Wikipedia. Couple of times I’ve had a warning when I’ve gone on there about editing pages I’ve never visited.

Sounds more likely that your Wikipedia account has been hacked?

I’ve not got an account. Unless they sort of assign one without a login to your IP, idk.

Hope you’re well, mate, anyway.

Yeah not too bad, not too great, thanks. How are you man?

Maybe you created one years ago to make a joke edit and forgot. Otherwise who does Wikipedia think it’s notifying?

Tbf 84% of Wikipedia are falsely saying celebs have died or are paedos so…

Women simply do not have the time.