Did you know that Big Suze...

is Claudia Winkleman’s half-sister?

And she’s an actual Lady? And a soprano singer?

I did not.

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I did know this, Scout.


I did, but I had forgotten it. Thanks Scout!

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I did not know this, Scout.


There’s no pulling the wool over your eyes, Tone.

I knew 2 of these 3 things

Sometimes there is loads and loads of pulling the wool over my eyes!


Also Yes

I had no idea as it happens.

Should really stop wearing woollen hats in summer Ant.

Winkle Man would be a funny superhero



I did know this.


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I knew she was a lady (whoaoaoahhh she’s a lady), didn’t know the other two

Great thread.

Please feel free to post other surprising (to me) Wikipedia articles about people on the telly.

I did know this @Scout x

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Thank you. My spreadsheet has been updated accordingly x

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I knew this and weirdly was speaking about it last night, but thanks anyway scout

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