Did you know that Burt Reynolds created Win, Lose or Draw?

I didn’t.


is that the thing like pictionary?

Yes that is correct, japes. Apparently the first set was based on Burt’s living room.

The title really covers all the bases doesn’t it

I am aware that most of the board are busy trying to show off in front of some new people so I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

Sorry, i meant the show title

Oh Balonz. You’re a loveable scamp and that’s why we like you here on DiS, just like how people know me for my dazzling smile and razor-shape wit.

It’s a very clever title because ‘Draw’ has a double meaning. Bravo Burt, bravo.

Are you saying that my title didn’t cover it all?

What about stalemate?

Look, forget about your title.

I’m not sure stalemate was a possibility in the game. “Abandoned due to act of god” is an omission though.

Apparently Darren Day hosted the teen version. Who thought that might be a good idea?

All you have to do is read the list of celebrities from the British version, and you’re immediately taken back to the era when pringle sweaters were being superseded by shellsuits.


please use his full title of Love Rat Darren Day


Bob Mills>Lisa Tarbuck>Danny Baker>Shane Richie>Darren Day